it’s hard being a ninja…

Thinking about a friends blog post yesterday about the everlasting battle between pirates and ninjas, i realized it’s gotta be hard being a ninja. I mean think about it, pirates get treasure, pirate ships, and wenches. When have you seen a ninja with a wench? It just doesn’t happen. When have you seen a ninja period? Any good ninja should never be seen. If you do happen to see a ninja, you probably won’t live to tell about it. It’s gotta be hard to earn respect and instill fear as a ninja when people don’t even know you exist. Or maybe it’s easier for them? Humans have a history of fearing the unknown. I guess you could call that and advantage. Other than super stealth skills and ninja stars, what other significant advantages do they get?

Pirates and ninjas are both huge in pop culture as groups, but as individuals, the pirates wipe the floor with them. How many famous ninja’s do you know by name? Really, I can’t think of any popular ninja’s that actually resprent the ninja lifestyle accurately. Pirates have Jack Sparrow, Hook, Black Beard, ect. There are plently of famous fictional and non-fictional pirates. Ninja’s, not so much. What do they have? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? As much I love some TMNT, they are hardly real ninjas by my standards. Naruto? He’s like the japanese version of Harry Potter.

Now you’re probably why I’m blogging about the how much of an underdog ninjas are compared to to pirates. No, I’m not a ninja fanboi, quite the opposite. I think ninjas aren’t up to snuff to go head to head with pirates. Whoever setup the pirates versus ninjas battle got it wrong. Even with a home court advantage in their homeland of japan, ninjas a overshadowed by another group, the samurai.

Yes, I’m proposing that ninjas should step aside and leave the battle to the samurai.It makes perfect sense in my mind. Samurai are easily recognizable in pop culture and there are numerous stories and movies about famous samuari. They have Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” on the most epic and famous films ever. Miyamoto Musashi, on of the greatest swordsman to ever live was a samurai. So yeah, they have what it takes to be rivals with pirates. Pirates have ships, and treasure. Samurai are employed by daimyo and royaly to protect people, treasure and castles. If they existed within the same realm, it’s only natural they would battle each other. And wenches? Samurai got geisha.

So next time someone starts an argument about pirates versus ninjas, I’m gonna tell them they got it all wrong. It’s pirates versus samurai.


One thought on “it’s hard being a ninja…

  1. perhaps ninja’s stealth is so great, they have left behind so little from which others can study and estimate their awesome life-ending power.

    in terms of mass appeal how many kids dress up like ninja’s for halloween compared to samurai?

    case closed.

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