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Things to do in Tokyo…

Memories of Shibuya, originally uploaded by manganite.

I’m not quite there yet, so I’ll make a list of things to do in Tokyo to pass the time until I get there. In no particular order, here they are:

+Walk across Hachiko Square in Shibuya, while taking a picture or video.

+Eat massive amounts of sushi, mochi, and ramen(probably not all at the same time).

+Buy something in Akihabara that can’t be bought yet in the US.

+Play videogames that haven’t been released in the U.S.

+Shop for clothes in Harajuku

+Fill a sketchbook of drawings while in Tokyo.

+Visit the BAPE store.

+Ride trains in Ginza/Shibuya/Shinjuku in peak rush hour times.

+Stay out at night later than the trains run.

+Play an amazing gig in a Tokyo live house.

+Meet hot japanese girls.

+Change Facebook status to “Konichiwa Bitches!” upon landing at Narita International.

+Go to Starbucks.

+See a Jrock/Jpop show.

+Takes tons of photos and video.

+Try to understand Kanguro.

+Get a view of the city from the tallest building I can get into.

+Get lost in Tokyo.

+Get found in Tokyo.


One thought on “Things to do in Tokyo…

  1. serintais says:

    I’m super excited to read your blog: I love Japan so much and can’t wait to read about what you get up to! ^_^

    Hi I’m Serin Tais. Feel free to check out my blog if you have a minute. I really like your writing style!

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