the journey begins…

As of this moment I’m sitting in front of the large glass windows in Portland International Airport (PDX). I woke up before the crack of dawn today to get on a flight at LAX to my current destination. So far the first leg of my travel has been relatively painless. Sitting in LAX at 3:30am this morning, waiting for the check-in to open I sat near another early morning traveler, who couldn’t keep his eyes open. As soon after he sat down, he dozed off, and then proceeded to snore ridiculously loud. I’ve never heard snoring that bad. Other than Mr. Snorlax, I got on my flight and made it to PDX. As I’m typing this there are five F-18 Hornets taking off from the runway behind me. Is this normal? I’ve never heard of fighter jets at a commercial airport before. A few hours of layover left here in Portland before I have to board my next and final flight from here to Narita (NRT). Japan, I’m almost there.


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