Day 3

The first couple of days has been a blur of action. Last night we played our first gig in Tokyo, which went great. There is a huge difference in the way the japanese run live houses compared to the clubs of LA. Our gig was at O-Nest in Shibuya. I’d like to go into details about all the nuances between gigging in LA and Tokyo, but the days just starting here in Tokyo, so I’m running out the door to start experiencing more of the city. For now I’ll leave some interesting things I noticed.

Things I noticed about Tokyo:
+there are vending machines everywhere. Like, every few meters there’s a vending machine, sometimes vending machines next to vending machines.
+most of those vending machines are for beverages. There is an infinite amount of beverages, and I’ve only had a fraction of them. You’ll never go thirsty here.
+Many japanese intersections cross in every direction simultaneously.
+They use a lot of coins. You don’t get paper money until 1,000 Yen(~$10).
+Japanese girls wear whatever they want. From barely dressed at all, to “WTF is that?” words can’t describe it. Pics coming soon.
+People are really helpful if you’re nice and polite.
+ Convenience stores are everywhere, and very convenient.
+Most streets don’t have names, only numbers. The only way to not get lost is to remember your landmarks.
+Even in Tokyo, it’s easy to walk places and never see another foreigner. You really are a less than one percent minority in Japan.


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