it begins..

First day in Tokyo goes like this:
After landing in Narita, before we’re able to get off the plane we were greeted by the Blue Ninja Squad aka swine flu quarantine crew. The blue ninjas are Japanese people dressed in scrubs and surgical masks checking to see if anyone had any strange symptoms. Luckily, no one was quarantined.

We finally all meet up as a band in the main lobby at around 5pm Tokyo time.. The mission: make it to Sakura House headquarters in Shinjuku before it closes, to pick up the keys for our room. We leave Narita at about 5:30pm, Sakura House closes at 8pm. Mission start.

After staring at the densha(train) map for a few minutes we figure where to go and hop on the Keisei line. At this point we’re weighed down pretty bad with gear but it’s not too bad once we’re actually on the train. The real fun started as soon as we hopped off the Keisei line to get on the JR(Japan Rail). The JR is one of the main train lines that takes you pretty much everywhere you wanna go in Tokyo.

Boarding, and unboarding the JR trains involves walking up and down lots of trains and escalator and walking in large crowds of people most of the time. Needless to say, it is not something you want to do, carrying tons of luggage. After about three different JR trains we arrived at Shinjuku station, a huge busy train station. When japanese people want to get somewhere, they walk fast, really fast. So, finally making it to Shinjuku station and still running late we take a taxi to Sakura House, arriving a little after 8pm and manage to get our keys. That was just a fraction of the adventure.


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