house mates

Coming home last night we stumbled into a mini party where we met the majority of our housemates for the first time. It was a pretty eclectic mix of nationalities. Three Germans, an Italian, Spaniard, Korean/Australian, Chinese/Brit, along with two other Americans. The combination of people in the room created some interesting conversations about cultures and language. It was nice to see someone other than japanese for a change.

Important facts to know:
When the music startes playing in the JR station or Tokyo Metro, the doors of the train are going to close soon. They will shut promptly, and mercilessly, so try not to get stuck in them. Tyson and Glenn found out the hard way. Japanese elevator doors can be just as savage. Watch out.

beware of doors

More Things to know about Tokyo:
+There are lots of crepes shops in Harajuku. I don’t know why.
+There are just as many kabob shops in Akihabara.
+Taxi cab doors open automatically.
+Japanese people seem to love Forever 21.
+Japanese people eat KFC for dinner on Christmas.


One thought on “house mates

  1. btw EVERYONE loves Forever21…okay that’s probably not true. Jeez though everyone be carefull with the train doors, and no playing suicide club in the stations! Happy you guys are having a good time.

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