I took advantage of my day off today and went to Odaiba to go and see the life sized, 1:1 scale Gundam. This is Japan’s answer to North Korea. Who needs nuclear missiles when you have giant robots?

This thing is around 60 feet tall and it just towers over you. We went to Odaiba and searched for until Tyson spotted the head peeking out above the tree tops and yelled “Gundam!” Up close it’s really impressive. Seeing the build quality in person makes you believe it could just start walking around at any second. It’s not a fully functional robot but apparently the head moves and there is an actual cockpit in the chest of it; i’m not sure why. The Gundam is in Shiokaze Park which is Odaiba. It took us about 45 minutes to get there taking the JR train from the Shibuya station to Shimbashi and then another train from Shimbashi to Odaiba.
Japan's answer to North Korea...


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