school food is good food….

School Food Punishment @ Paris Nord Expo ( Japan Expo 2009 ), Vi
With the help of a friend while in Tokyo, I happened to stumble upon a new band called School Food Punishment. The band is still relatively new[their debut album ‘school food is good food’ was released in 2007], but they seem to be making a name for themselves, most recently preforming at the Japan Expo 2009.

Their sound is like a fusion of jrock/jpop/indie/electronica mixed together creating an addicting catchyness. Its surprising their sound can be so clear and catchy with all the intricate riffs being play behind the vocals. The bands sound is dominated by the bass and keyboard playing intertwining riffs with lots interesting effects. It’s refreshing to listen to a band that has a guitar player with music that’s not guitar centric, if that makes any sense. The lead singer keeps her signature blue Telecaster in the background for most of the songs, occasionally sprinkling some riffs on top of the driving bass and keyboard lines. Even with all the awesome bass/keyboard parts they also know how to make great use of negative space, with lots of dynamic pauses and letting the drums alone carry the song.
School Food Punishment Japan expo 2
The band was recently signed to Sony Music/Epic Records, fortunately it seems like they were able to retain their original style. Their two new singles “Futuristic Imagination” and “Butterfly Swimmer” continue the trend of their earlier mini albums with a bit more refinement.

Butterfly Swimmer

Futuristic Imagination



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