This month/last month has been pretty busy for me, so i’ve been slacking off on my blogging unfortunately. But, on the plus side I have been doing a lot of drawing for some new jobs I’ve gotten. Once I finish I’ll be sure to post them. When I don’t feel like blogging, sometimes I throw sketches up on my website under ‘recent stuff‘ so check there if you care to see the most recent junk.

In addition to reading the latest Bleach and Bakuman(my current two favorite mangas) I’ve been reading Claymore. It’s only published monthly, which kinda sucks. Claymore’s a crazy, violent, sci-fi/fantasy, battle manga. Someone, something, somewhere is always battling in this comic. There’s almost a battle in ever chapter and someones always losing an arm, leg, finger, toe, eyebrow, appendage. It’s crazy and epic at the sametime. The most badass Claymore, aka the best that ever did, is a character called “Teresa of the faint smile.” This is a sketch I did of her:

Also, I found another band that I really like called Spangle call Lilli line. They have a really cool mellow,indie, jazzy, pop, japanese sound. I’m lovin it.


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