Trimming the fat

So, yesterday I officially resigned from my band today, Kindred Fall, as bass player extraordinare, so I can spend more time one what I love to do. Not that I don’t love playing music,but  art is and will always be my first love. It’ll be interesting seeing them perform a show without me after playing together for about five years.

I’ve been steadily trimming the fat from everything so I can focus more on illustration; cutting back on expenses, less graphic design work, no more band, etc. Sometimes you just need to get everything out of the way and just focus. I’ve never been more focused on something than I am now. Let’s see where my art takes me.

On that note, my last show with Kindred Fall will be:

Saturday Jan 9th, 9PM@

Los Cabos Cantina

20702 Lake Forest Dr.

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Finally a show in south Orange County. I’m glad, because I hate the LA scene. Come see my last show if you’re in the area. It might be good, I dunno.

Oh yea, todays pick is of an character that I’ve been drawing more of recently, as you probably noticed. He doesn’t have a name yet, for now I’m just calling him ‘captain.’ I got into to a bit of a fisticuff with some bristol paper today because it decided to bleed every line I inked into fat fuzzy lines that looked more like caterpillars than lines. I trashed it and ended up inking the lines digitally with my tablet, this was the result. Maybe I should just go all digital all the time and save some trees?


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