I’m a bit of an internet junkie; I’ll admit it. Really, without the internet, wifi, smartphones, laptops, social networking, blogs, etc…I don’t know what I’d do. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of addiction.

I read a few blogs daily and I’m always finding new ones to read. Not too long ago I came across Danielle Meder’s blog and I’ve been checking up on it periodically. This drawing’s based on a photo she posted on her blog that I thought would be fun to illustrate. Enjoy.

Also, I added Don’t Stop Dreaming, as a new print to my Etsy shop.

Update: Danielle posted on her blog about my illustration. You can see it here.

Dapper: Danielle Meder


4 thoughts on “dapper

  1. love the jacket, it so life like, just wanna touch it.
    there is something off with her chest, the doodle/shadow thing is to high up in my mind or something

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