I storm and crash without a sound.

I had an idea of something I wanted to say….but I can’t remember now. Anyways…

Todays illustration is of Rumi from her blog fashiontoast. I’m not sure what kind of toast she’s referring to in her blog name, but I like the kind you can eat(specifically French toast), so maybe that’s what she meant.

@rumineely “it’s wheat toast with honey & butter”

The Blue Octopus design for Design By Humans is finally up on the site for voting now too:

And the uncolored version:


13 thoughts on “I storm and crash without a sound.

  1. artvisuelle says:

    thanks for your appreciation, Cory =)
    I’m glad you like fashiontoast as much as I do :):)
    we should have a fan club 🙂
    totally 🙂
    have a nice day

  2. Your blogger portraits are so great. I would still like to commission something, just thinking about it more. Thinking about how I would like to apply it. Sorry, this doesn’t make sense! I will write you an email soon. I love your style so much!

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