She’s a maverick, she’s so smooth…

Illustration of Gemma from fade to black, with her signature, epically bright lipstick.

I spent more time on this than I expected with the stripes and half tone, but I think it was worth it.

Click for a larger version and a better view.

And just the lines:


12 thoughts on “She’s a maverick, she’s so smooth…

  1. Your absolutely fabulous, and your drawings are THE SHIZ.
    Fo shiz.
    I adore every single one.
    Any chance you could make one for a tres cool blogger called Camilla?
    joking 🙂
    But I do adore them.

  2. Love the dynamic pose! And the graphical black and white elements. Awesome work my friend. I think you are getting to be known as The Official Illustrator for the blog-sphere. Keep up your fun posts. love them.



  3. WOW… Ive just been jumping around looking at all different types of fashion illustrations and I’ve gotta say, your work looks great but this piece in particular has a whole different feel from all of your other work. Have you ever heard of the artist Nicole Jarecz? If not, here is her website, This piece feels so much like her work. Keep up the great work my fashionista.

    • Thanks! Yea, this one is a bit more graphic than my usual sketches, I’m always playing with new approaches. I’ve been following Nicole’s blog for a while now, and I really love her work too.

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