whats in the bag

The essentials that I carry with me whenever I’m going somewhere for an extended period of time:

Laptop and charger: Dell Studio 15. 15 inch laptop top that I do all my work on. Good battery life and screen size, but still portable.

Sketchbook: It’s Moleskine style sketch book made by a company called Ecosystem. Softcover and comes in some bright colors like green, orange and pink.

Cellphone(not pictured) and charger: Htc HD2 used for taking pictures/video, music, and internet. The charger cable also doubles as a micro usb cable so I can download stuff from my phone to my computer.

Wallet: Plaid. Never leave home with out it. Has no money in it because I pay for everything with my atm card and hardly ever carry cash.

Wireless mouse: For times when the touch pad doesn’t cut it.

Pencil case: All my favorite pens, pencils, markers, and erasers stuffed into a zip up case for sketching on the go.

Messenger bag: $20 messenger bag I bought in tokyo last year.

Tablet(not pictured): Optional. Wacom Intuos 6×8. I usually don’t carry it unless I know I’m gonna use it because it’s just extra weight/bulk.

This is what’s gonna be in my carry on in 6 days when I head to Japan on an 11 1/2 hr flight. I can’t wait!


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