Fashion’s Night Out Japan

I went to Fashion’s Night Out Japan this Saturday and took a few photos/videos. The event was centered around Omotesando Hills, which is a high end department store/mall located on Omotesando, a street in Harajuku that’s famous for having a lot of high end stores and lined with lots of trees. And of course Harajuku is part of Shibuya-ku one of the most popular wards of central Tokyo( i know, this is probably more than you need to know). So, it was basically a pretty good spot to hold an event like this. Most of the participating stores in Fashion’s Night Out were along Omotesando but the event also spilled out into nearby Harajuku and Aoyoma-ku.

This was actually the first time I went inside Omotesando Hills. I think I avoided it because I figured everything there was too expensive/overrated and I was right. I think the stores inside are ‘meh.’ Expensive and boring, but the design of the building itself is pretty amazing. It’s 4 floors plus 3 basement level floors for a total of about 7 floors. The interior is shaped like a giant diamond with walkways that gradually rise up to each level as your walking, and the center is open which lets you look down at the staircase below that descends from the B1 to B3 level. It looks pretty amazing,

During the opening ceremony in Omotesando Hills it was pretty packed. The dog and flowers were designed by Murakami.

VERBAL (rapper/producer from M-Flo and the Teriyaki Boys) DJing in the middle of Omotesando Hills.

Live painting.

Model/actress Anna Tsuchiya(Sakuran, Kamikaze Girls): I love Anna Tsuchiya’s crazy voice and personality. Also, you can see the finished version of the painting behind her. I think the black guy in the painting is supposed to be me. It’s hard to see from the pictures but she drew some people in the crowd into the painting.

There was a strange lady dressed in white doing something in front of the Kitson store. I barely caught a glimpse of her before she ran off through the crowd and down the street.

Dueling mini pianos!

Omotesando during the day.


6 thoughts on “Fashion’s Night Out Japan

  1. Ed says:

    Omotesando! i remember lugging gear across that bridge that you’re on in that last photo, lol. looks like a sic night of fashion… and now you’re forever embedded in the art of it… nice. (and of course, if there was a black person in the painting from the crown, there is almost absolute certainty that it was you… it’s not like you were in Roppungi, lol)

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