What I wear

I know, I know. I never post photos of myself or talk about myself much on my own blog. I can’t help it. I’m actually a terribly shy/introverted person when I’m around strangers. Although when I’m around friends or doing something that I’m confident at, I can be quite the opposite. Here’s a drawing of me for a change of pace. The face behind the pencil. Also, Corey= dude. I’ve been referred to as ‘she’ a few times on the internet(probably due to the lack of pictures,….and drawings of many girls…..). So if you didn’t know, now you know.

What I wear:

Hollister surf t-shirt, bleached/tiger attacked jeans from Shibuya 109-(2) Mens, black Addidas, Uniqlo socks(not shown), and of course the essential messenger bag from some random shop in Akiba. It’s been hot as balls in Tokyo since I got here, so clothing options have pretty much been limited to pants and a t-shirt. Although recently it’s been cooling off, fall is coming.


5 thoughts on “What I wear

  1. Leah H. says:

    So are you living in Tokyo now or just there for an extended visit? You dress really well! I wish I had bought cool clothes while visiting Japan. Instead I just bought a few funny engrish shirts.

  2. JaDoodles says:

    Some people may think you are a female on the internet not only because of your name but the fact there is a female drawing next to your name as the banner of the blog. Most people will have an illustration of themselves in that area. Just a thought! 🙂 Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Some people think I am a dude because my name is Jaime. LOL! I like your illustration!

  3. xs says:

    glad you came out of your shell for a post. i don’t like talking about myself either, which probably accounts for the brevity in my posts. i really like your blog. your illustrations are amazing and i love the photos of your visits.

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