Up in the air

Okay, I know a few people have asked about what I’ve been up to in Tokyo, a full recap will come soon, but for now:


So last weekend I went to Seoul, South Korea on a Visa run.  A Visa run is basically when you leave a country and re-enter the country in a short period of time. The purpose is to get another ’90 day tourist Visa waiver’ stamp in your passport so you can stay in the country longer or to process a work Visa. Japan doesn’t require you to leave the country to process a work Visa anymore, but because my tourist visa would end before my work visa processed(yes, this mean I have a job! …kinda) I needed to do a visa run. If you’ve ever read immigration rules for working abroad this should make sense, if not.. this probably sounds like gibberish…

I’ve been trying to rack up my frequent flyer miles on Korean Air.

I didn’t really know what to expect going to Seoul. I admit know nothing about South Korea besides kimchi, taekwondo, and…that’s all I can think of. Seoul is kinda like what a mixture of LA and San Francisco would look like, plus the crazy back alleyways you’d expect to see an Hong Kong or Shanghai. Also, although I’ve never been to New York, some parts of Seoul look like NY.

Definitely reminds me of SF.

Namsan Tower has an amazing view of the city, but you literally have to climb a thousand steps up a mountain to get to it.

I really wish I understood this advertisement….

I forgot to mention, one of the best parts of going to Seoul is Incheon International Airport (ICN). It’s arguably the best airport in the world, and it also looks a lot like the Metal Mechanica building from FLCL. The only downside is the train options for getting from the airport to the city aren’t as good as Narita (NRT). You can see pics of it here:


One thought on “Up in the air

  1. nice pics, man! Korea looks sic… i see what you’re saying about the FLCL look of the airport… i had a good laugh when i checked it out.

    i’m really curious about that advert too… i mean, what could Pavarotti be doing in a shopping cart? LOL

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