Monkeys and Octopi

I realized I hardly post progress of the games I”ve been making, on my blog, so I’ll try and rectify that. Recently I posted a bit about another game, Nanpa Hero, and if you follow me on twitter, i usually post screen shots of what I’m working on. Right now I’m in the middle of making an iPhone/iPod game called Monkey vs. Octopus.  I know, the title makes no sense at all, but there’s a monkey and an octopus in the game.  Also, it’s easy to remember.

The basic concept of the game, is there are two characters standing on a set of random platforms and they launch objects at each other to cause damage. Currently the free version of the game is available in the App store for iPad, and the free iPhone/iPod version should be in the App store by the end of next week; so download it please!

The screens below are what I’m working on currently. I’m expanding the current game, to include more characters, levels, and features. When it’s completed, it will be released as a paid version of Monkey vs. Octopus with all the new content. So, you can follow the development of it here on my blog.

Game design is a whole new world for me, as I’ve only been doing it for about 2 months now. As an illustrator, there is a lot more to think about when creating a game, compared to a regular illustration. When you create art or design for a game you have to think about which elements will be animiated or interactive, and how.  Many other things like device resolution, aspect ratio, and file sizes are important too. Games are a challenge but seeing your work come to life, and interacting with it is amazing.

Work in progress..

sample animation of some of the level elements. Click it to watch.

iPhone screen shot


Okonomiyaki and monjayaki!

i love train stations.

life on escalators…



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