Purikura プリクラ

So I’ve been a bit MIA recently…partially because I don’t currently have an internet connection at home, and partially because I’ve been busy working on lots of projects for Nine Software. My most recent project is an iPhone app called Purikura プリクラ, which I’m happy to announce is now available in the App Store!

Trying to make a good app is a lot more difficult than it looks. When you’re creating an app  a good UI design (User Interface) design is the key. I spent a lot of time thinking about all the possible scenarios of how someone would interact with the application while using it. Hopefully you enjoy the hard work I put into this. Tell me what you think!

Purikura プリクラ

purikura app icon

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a full-fledged Japanese PuriKura photo booth.
Enhance your pictures with multiple effects, frames, pens and stamps before sharing them with your friends!


★Photo Management★
– In-App camera
– Select photos from your camera roll
– Save altered pictures to your photo album

★Photo Effects★
– Zoom and crop your photos
– Change the look of your pictures with purikura, grayscale filters

– High-resolution stamps and frames
– Precise writing with multicolor pens

★Social Features★
– Email your pictures to friends from within the app
– Post your pictures to Facebook

– Use the “Edit Mode” to resize, rotate and move stamps around

Purikura プリクラ - Nine Software Inc.

Purikura AppPurikura AppPurikura App


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