You’re My Winter

Japanese summer is always so hot and humid  staying cool is the only thing you can concentrate on. Give me back winter. I’ll take the freezing cold over the sickening heat any day.  I know I complain too much but summer in Japan really is the worst season. Too hot to do anything. Luckily this year doesn’t seem to be as hot as last year. Speaking of last year, July marked my official one year anniversary of living in Tokyo. Time passes by so fast. Since I’ve been here I’ve made friends, lost friends, found a job, quit a job, started a company, made a few games, started learning a new language and plenty of other things. There’s still much more I want to do and conquer. Gotta keep going. Don’t stop dreaming.

渋谷 Shibuya Viewed from the new Bershka store

緑 Green

無印良品銀座 Muji Store in Ginza

新宿南東口 Shinjuku near the SouthEast Entrance

IKEAケイキ IKEA cake


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