This Weeks Pics

I usually take lots of photos with my phone during the week, and if you’re following me on twitter you’ve probably seen these already. The truth is, I’m kinda lazy so uploading photos from my phone to post here is rather めんどくさい [bothersome] but I’m trying to make it a habit to do this more often. Enjoy.

吉如時駅井の頭線 Kichijoji Station, Inokashira Line a.k.a. my station.

A new store Rose Bakery recently opened up in the Atre department store. I haven’t tried anything there yet, but I’m diggin the upside-down plants hanging from the ceiling.

Yodobashi Camera: I found this in the massage section… Is that RoboCop?

原宿 Harajuku: Check out the smile on her face.


2 thoughts on “This Weeks Pics

  1. Just gotta say, LOVE your photos. This is my favorite way to explore through photos. Very casual but still present (if that makes any comprehendible sense.)

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