How I draw [part 1]

I took a short video of me drawing a simple sketch for your enjoyment/entertainment. This was sketched in about 10 minutes total, but I compressed it down to 1:40 to keep you from getting too bored. Unfortunately the video is bit grainy, so bear with me a bit.  Music is “Eye” by Spangle call Lilli line.

I always enjoy seeing how other people work and their workspaces. It’s like getting a sneak peak into what they’re  thinking while they create something new. I know a lot of people do tutorials or show the process of their work, but seeing something drawn line by line, stroke by stroke, is incredibly interesting. I don’t often have the chance to see many people draw, so I’m not sure if my process is normal or not. How do you draw?

 fashion sketch tutorialThe finished sketch result.


5 thoughts on “How I draw [part 1]

  1. JaDoodles says:

    Forget about my question that I asked you in a more recent entry. Lol! I see how you do your process now. It was a great idea creating a video of you drawing. I think a lot of people enjoy looking at other artists creating work. Plus, there might be something you could learn from each other’s process. Thanks for sharing!

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