Let Them Eat Cake [Four]

Let Them Eat Cake 4

Let the Eat Cake [4 of 4]. Editorial illustration for Sketchbook Magazine.

Part 3 Part 2 Part 1

Shinbashi area

新橋で無くなちゃった: Lost somewhere in Shinbashi


新宿: Shinjuku

Pap Bubble

中野のパパバブルではお菓子を作ります Making candy at Papa Bubble in Nakano

Papa Bubble

Two old characters I recently redrew/remixed to work on refreshing their designs a bit.
Mint remix
Mint remix
Grim remix
Grim remix

6 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake [Four]

  1. イラストがとてもいいですね!
    I like your illustrations!

    Is Papa Bubble a candy shop? It looks interesting!

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