Omiya Railway Museum 鉄道博物館

train museum

Last weekend I finally got around to going to the 鉄道博物館 Railway Museum located in Omiya.

Omiya 大宮 is a bit far from Tokyo (roughly 25mins on a special express train), and I wasn’t sure if there was anything else to do in the area besides the museum, so I had been putting off going for quite awhile. I ended up deciding to go kind of in the spur of a moment because I didin’t have much else to do at the time, but I’m glad that I went. The museum is really interesting, with a nice variety of trains on display. Most of the trains are on display in the large main room, where you can get up close to them and see them from angles you probably would never have to the chance to otherwise. The majority of trains on display are setup in a way to allow you to board them and view the cabin area, as well as the conductors area. The old shinkansen 新幹線 bullet trains were the most interesting to me, as you can see below.



For a museum the indoor display area is actually rather dark, making taking good photos a bit difficult. Outside of the main room there are a few smaller rooms with lots of hands on activities to help you learn more about how trains work and about Japan’s history with trains. A lot of it is obvious stuff, but there were quite a few interesting ones. Outside there are more trains on display, which believe you can ride, but I’m not sure because it was really cold out so I didn’t spend much time outside. Overall for ¥1,000 and a bit of a train ride it’s not a bad place to spend some time.

Other than going to museums, my strategy game, still unnamed, has been progressing lately. I’m currently working on some basic AI and I’ve written out a basic story script with a few scenarios. Character designs are still floating around in my head, and mostly not on paper yet, but I hope to change that soon. For now, I’ll leave you with a rough design for the basic soldier unit that will appear on the map screen.



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