Enchanter: Red Knight Process

Continuing on with more Enchanter illustrations, I thought I’d show the Red Knight process from start to finish. I had already drawn the basic design (at least waist up) , of the Red Knight previously so I found it a lot easier just worrying about the pose without having to think about the character design. Going for a full figure drawing with some action to the pose, after several rough sketches I decided to go with this one. A straightforward pose with the character ready to draw her sword.knight_remix_step1

Enlarging the rough sketch and cleaning up the lines while adding detail as usual I came up with this. I added some more details as you can see, like the leaves adoring her shoes to tie in with the three on her hairpin. I also though she looked somewhat imbalanced in design with the large should pad armor but nothing below that, so I added the tailcoat-ish things coming from the back of her skirt to balance things out as well as give the character more flow to match her hair.knight_remix_step2

Then I went in an laid down base colors, which was simple since I had already decided her color scheme from the last time I drew her. Simple shadows, nothing too complicated going on here.knight_remix_step3

Finishing up character illustration. I polished up the rough colors and added some details here and there. Of course a plain white background is kind of harsh on the eyes, but I didn’t have any ideas for a background at that point in time, so I settled for a simple grayish background with a pattern to finish things off. knight_remixYou can also check here to see the previous Enchanter concept illustrations.



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