Enchanter: Red Knight Process

Continuing on with more Enchanter illustrations, I thought I’d show the Red Knight process from start to finish. I had already drawn the basic design (at least waist up) , of the Red Knight previously so I found it a lot easier just worrying about the pose without having to think about the character design. Going for a full figure drawing with some action to the pose, after several rough sketches I decided to go with this one. A straightforward pose with the character ready to draw her sword.knight_remix_step1

Enlarging the rough sketch and cleaning up the lines while adding detail as usual I came up with this. I added some more details as you can see, like the leaves adoring her shoes to tie in with the three on her hairpin. I also though she looked somewhat imbalanced in design with the large should pad armor but nothing below that, so I added the tailcoat-ish things coming from the back of her skirt to balance things out as well as give the character more flow to match her hair.knight_remix_step2

Then I went in an laid down base colors, which was simple since I had already decided her color scheme from the last time I drew her. Simple shadows, nothing too complicated going on here.knight_remix_step3

Finishing up character illustration. I polished up the rough colors and added some details here and there. Of course a plain white background is kind of harsh on the eyes, but I didn’t have any ideas for a background at that point in time, so I settled for a simple grayish background with a pattern to finish things off.¬†knight_remixYou can also check here to see the previous Enchanter concept illustrations.



art is prostitution

Being an freelance illustrator you essentially have to sell yourself and your work. Sometimes it feels like you’re a prostitute, dealer, or car salesman ¬†pushing your wares and services on other people. I’m not a salesman, I just wanna draw.

Anyways… I tweaked one of my drawings to be used as a t-shirt design. It’s now up on Design By Humans and you can vote for it.



This month/last month has been pretty busy for me, so i’ve been slacking off on my blogging unfortunately. But, on the plus side I have been doing a lot of drawing for some new jobs I’ve gotten. Once I finish I’ll be sure to post them. When I don’t feel like blogging, sometimes I throw sketches up on my website under ‘recent stuff‘ so check there if you care to see the most recent junk.

In addition to reading the latest Bleach and Bakuman(my current two favorite mangas) I’ve been reading Claymore. It’s only published monthly, which kinda sucks. Claymore’s a crazy, violent, sci-fi/fantasy, battle manga. Someone, something, somewhere is always battling in this comic. There’s almost a battle in ever chapter and someones always losing an arm, leg, finger, toe, eyebrow, appendage. It’s crazy and epic at the sametime. The most badass Claymore, aka the best that ever did, is a character called “Teresa of the faint smile.” This is a sketch I did of her:

Also, I found another band that I really like called Spangle call Lilli line. They have a really cool mellow,indie, jazzy, pop, japanese sound. I’m lovin it.