Year of the Game


Knight character concept for Enchanter

It’s been decided, 2014 will be the Year of the Game. At least for me it will be. This year my drawing output(and in some ways creative output) took a substantial hit, as I spent most of my free time studying Japanese in order to improve my over level of communication with my colleagues, as well as attempted(and succeeded!) to pass level N2 of the JLPT as a personal achievement. After passing this summer, I decided to put study on the back-burner and I’ve been doing nothing productive ever since. Well, that’s not entirely true but I feel like I need to get back on track, and produce more art.

knight sketch

Knight sketch

Getting back on track

I love drawing for the sake of drawing, but drawing for the purpose of creating something more is even better, so I decided to team up with a like minded friend @francoispenel (who also blogs) to start producing games. We’re still beginners just getting our feet wet, but with enough practice we hope to make our mark on something.

zombie animation

Zombie for Anagram of the Dead

In the works

So far we have two concepts in the works, a zombie word puzzle game tentatively titled Anagram of the Dead(AOTD), and a medieval themed shop sim officially untitled but for the moment referred to as Enchanter. Neither game has a specific release date yet, but hopefully they’ll be out sometime next year.

Anagram of the Dead

Anagram of the Dead


Francois has been working hard getting things running and thanks to him you can already play a rough version of our game concept. It’s still in the early stages with static graphics, and basic gameplay implemented but, it’s playable now.

Anagram of the Dead alpha prototype


You’re a touch overrated…

You’ve probably already seen these if you follow me on twitter. The first is a biro sketch that I decided to color and the other is a smoking lion with dreads, a T-shirt design commmision.



Here’s todays sketch of a girl with green ruffles. I’ve been experimenting with SAI Paint Tool on coloring techniques. It’s a japanese program for drawing and painting, kind of like a stripped down version of Corel Painter. Although it’s a pretty bare bones program, painting and blending colors feels more natural than Photoshop. The interface is also way more intuitive than Painter.



Changed my mind on the color scheme of this one; from blue to purple. This one’s a little more detailed than usual too. I put some extra time into this tweaking a few things like the way the hair is drawn and the weight of the lines. It’s nice to spend more time on details once in a while, since a lot of my usual sketches are in a simpler style. And I had to add some freckles, you can never have enough. Enjoy.



Did I ever mention I can’t get enough of School Food Punishment? I’ve been rockin to the song ‘Deviswitch’ from their new album called Light Prayer. When I go back to Japan I’m definitely gonna catch one of their live shows.


currently enjoying

Currently enjoying:

Bakuman and Bleach. Weekly comics.

Utada Hikaru. Japanese pop music.

SammyHappyBelly Samantha Hepburn somehow finds the time to post multiple daily doodles on her blog.

Waffles. It’s not french toast, but it gets the job done.

Twitter. My brain hungers for internet information.

Lifehacker I can’t get enough of this site, because I’m a nerd at heart.



Kinokuniya bookstores. Good for art supplies.

Rain. Not enough rain in southern California. Enjoying it while it lasts.

The Holiday season. A great reason to put cool lights and decorations everywhere.

The BBC.

Wood floors.

Walking. Good for buying cheap books.

Fearne Cotton. I didn’t know who she was until today.

Boba. Why not?


My favorite weapons….

I figured I’d mix it up with a different post today. These are the tools I use most often:


My current favorite pencil is the Ohto Promecha SP-507P. I pretty much use mechanical pencils only. I don’t remember the last time I actually used a traditional wooden pencil. I don’t leave home without this pencil, seriously. Loaded with 0.7mm, 2B hardness lead, this has been my primary sketching tool for the last 5 months or so. It’s a good quality, all metal (aluminum I think), balanced pencil. Surprisingly light compared to a lot of other aluminum mechanical pencils Ive tried. This one was acquired at the cost of ~580 yen from the Tokyu Hands store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, but I’ve also seen it carried at Kinokuniya Bookstores and other japanese stores that sell stationary for around seven dollars. The Big brother to this pencil is the super customizable Ohto Super Promecha PM-1500. This is the only pencil I’ve seen that comes with an instruction manual. It’s too much pencil for me.

When I decide to sketch in pen I use fine Pentel R.S.V.P. pens. They work great for me because they are cheap, easy to find in stores and come in a few different colors. Losing your favorite drawing tool is the worst thing ever. If you use stuff that’s cheap and easy to find, it’s not so bad.

For erasing I use the two erasers that pretty much everyone else uses: the Design Kneaded Eraser and the Staedlter Mars Plastic Eraser. Both of these are easy to find at most art/craft stores like Michaels, Aaron Bros, ect. If you don’t have these, you need to get them…now.


When it comes to inking I think most people are a brush person or a nib person. I’m the later. Nibs are cheap and low¬†maintenance. Right now I’m using Tachikawa G-pen and Maru nibs bought from Tokyu Hands, and Deleter G-pen/Maru nibs from Kinokuniya. Also for loose marker sketches and filling in large areas I have a Copic Sketch Marker. It’s really nice alcohol based marker with a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other. At about $6 each they seem a bit expensive but they are refillable and the marker tips are replaceable, which puts them above other comparable markers I’ve used like Prismacolors.


I do almost all of my work in Photoshop CS4 with the help of my Wacom 6×8 Intuos2 that I bought off Craigslist.



I’ve been working on doing more illustrations with animals lately, to put a little variety in my portfolio. I’ve drawn quite a few octopi in my sketchbooks but I never got around to doing a finished illustration with one. Now I can mark that off my list. This is another example of my experiments in color and technique. I chose to draw the lines with pencil instead of ink, because of the greater control it gives my over my line quality. It hard to get pencils to scan as bold and crisp as inked lines but I’m a control freak when it comes down to my lines. I need every single line to go exactly where I want it to be satisfied. The coloring is a combo of flat colors, gradients, textures and layer blending modes.

+Click the pic to see a larger size.


Futuristic Imagination…

…is a song by the band School Food Punishment. This picture has no connection at all to the song, sometimes I just like titling things according to what I’m listening to at the moment. This was originally a really small pencil sketch. I liked the expression on her face so I enlarged the sketch in Photoshop and redrew the lines in pen before coloring it. I hardly ever wear plaid, but when it comes to my characters I like to use it every chance that I get. This is currently on the first page of my website:
The website is still a work in progress, but I’m constantly adding content, so check back often. Click the image for a full size version as usual.

Futuristic Imagination