Year of the Game


Knight character concept for Enchanter

It’s been decided, 2014 will be the Year of the Game. At least for me it will be. This year my drawing output(and in some ways creative output) took a substantial hit, as I spent most of my free time studying Japanese in order to improve my over level of communication with my colleagues, as well as attempted(and succeeded!) to pass level N2 of the JLPT as a personal achievement. After passing this summer, I decided to put study on the back-burner and I’ve been doing nothing productive ever since. Well, that’s not entirely true but I feel like I need to get back on track, and produce more art.

knight sketch

Knight sketch

Getting back on track

I love drawing for the sake of drawing, but drawing for the purpose of creating something more is even better, so I decided to team up with a like minded friend @francoispenel (who also blogs) to start producing games. We’re still beginners just getting our feet wet, but with enough practice we hope to make our mark on something.

zombie animation

Zombie for Anagram of the Dead

In the works

So far we have two concepts in the works, a zombie word puzzle game tentatively titled Anagram of the Dead(AOTD), and a medieval themed shop sim officially untitled but for the moment referred to as Enchanter. Neither game has a specific release date yet, but hopefully they’ll be out sometime next year.

Anagram of the Dead

Anagram of the Dead


Francois has been working hard getting things running and thanks to him you can already play a rough version of our game concept. It’s still in the early stages with static graphics, and basic gameplay implemented but, it’s playable now.

Anagram of the Dead alpha prototype


Sketch For Summer


There’s something about drawing in ball point pen that’s so relaxing. Scrawling out messy lines on a pristine white sheet of paper without the option to erase is somehow more freeing than my usual pencil on paper. I guess this is the start of another ballpoint phase…


Let Them Eat Cake [Four]

Let Them Eat Cake 4

Let the Eat Cake [4 of 4]. Editorial illustration for Sketchbook Magazine.

Part 3 Part 2 Part 1

Shinbashi area

新橋で無くなちゃった: Lost somewhere in Shinbashi


新宿: Shinjuku

Pap Bubble

中野のパパバブルではお菓子を作ります Making candy at Papa Bubble in Nakano

Papa Bubble

Two old characters I recently redrew/remixed to work on refreshing their designs a bit.
Mint remix
Mint remix
Grim remix
Grim remix

How I draw [part 1]

I took a short video of me drawing a simple sketch for your enjoyment/entertainment. This was sketched in about 10 minutes total, but I compressed it down to 1:40 to keep you from getting too bored. Unfortunately the video is bit grainy, so bear with me a bit.  Music is “Eye” by Spangle call Lilli line.

I always enjoy seeing how other people work and their workspaces. It’s like getting a sneak peak into what they’re  thinking while they create something new. I know a lot of people do tutorials or show the process of their work, but seeing something drawn line by line, stroke by stroke, is incredibly interesting. I don’t often have the chance to see many people draw, so I’m not sure if my process is normal or not. How do you draw?

 fashion sketch tutorialThe finished sketch result.


You’re My Winter

Japanese summer is always so hot and humid  staying cool is the only thing you can concentrate on. Give me back winter. I’ll take the freezing cold over the sickening heat any day.  I know I complain too much but summer in Japan really is the worst season. Too hot to do anything. Luckily this year doesn’t seem to be as hot as last year. Speaking of last year, July marked my official one year anniversary of living in Tokyo. Time passes by so fast. Since I’ve been here I’ve made friends, lost friends, found a job, quit a job, started a company, made a few games, started learning a new language and plenty of other things. There’s still much more I want to do and conquer. Gotta keep going. Don’t stop dreaming.

渋谷 Shibuya Viewed from the new Bershka store

緑 Green

無印良品銀座 Muji Store in Ginza

新宿南東口 Shinjuku near the SouthEast Entrance

IKEAケイキ IKEA cake


Be good, or be good at it.



Be good, or be good at it. I had a good friend who used to say this a lot. I’m not sure if this is good advice, but at least it’s something to go by. At this time I think I’m leaning more toward  trying to “be good at it,” although what I’m trying to be good at still eludes me. What’s your interpretation?  


Currently listening to:

Aisaika no Choshoku (愛妻家の朝食) – 椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo)

“devoted husband’s breakfast”


Loving and missing

Arc de Triumph

I miss…

IN-N-Out Burger.
As a native southern californian this is an essential part of my diet. If you’ve ever eaten there, you know why I miss it. It’s not that I can’t find a decent burger in Tokyo, it’s just that you can’t find anything that good as cheap as IN-N-Out.

You take communication and understanding granted, until your world changes and you move to somewhere where you aren’t fluent in the local language. Learning a new language is a fun process, but it’s tough and sometimes you feel like giving up in frustration. When your daily life depends on your language skills, you learn quickly.

I really, really enjoy driving. Cars are another hobby of mine, although I haven’t been keeping up with them as much lately. Sometimes I have the urge to just get behind the wheel and take a drive somewhere. Unfortunately in Tokyo, driving a car in the city is incredibly expensive and inconvenient. Maybe I’ll rent a car and take a trip to the countryside soon.


Currently loving…

…public transportation. Japan’s public transportation system is amazing. Always punctual, clean and efficient. Using the subways in Paris doesn’t even compare, and Southern California’s public transportation…? None existant. Being able to hope on a train that arrives every 3 minutes, and jet across to the other side of the city in 15 minutes for less than the price of a McDonalds cheeseburger. Priceless.
Veronica Fish’s Blog. She’s constantly putting out tons of amazing work and managing to blog it all and then some. I can’t keep up. O_o

Paris but still missing Tokyo. It’s funny, since I moved to Tokyo I haven’t been homesick for SoCal; I just miss a few things from there that I can’t bring with me. But I’m visting Paris for the first time ever and all I can think about is what I will do when I return to Tokyo. Has Tokyo become my new home? Or is your home just the last place you visited? I don’t know, it’s a strange feeling longing for a country I still don’t quite fully understand.

Danielle Meder’s blog. Another amazing illustrator with a work ethic that keeps me inspired, but her recent move to London parallels my own move to Tokyo. Reading her posts about her excitement, struggle, and worries is something I can relate to perfectly right now. I don’t know exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing, but I’ve already jumped off into the deep end so the only thing left to do is keep swimming. Sinking is not an option.

Twitter. The type of work the an illustrator does, by nature, is can be very isolating and lonely. I enjoy connecting with many other illustrators/creatives who share the same interests/ambitions as me and twitter fills(at least some) of that need.  I need interaction.

Taiyaki. It’s shaped like a fish (but doesn’t taste like one) and with various sweet filings.

Hanami(cherry blossoms). I can’t wait to get back to Tokyo so I can see cherry blossoms in Japan for the first time!

…my iMac. The big screen makes doing everything better.

work in progress